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(She's my precious *grabs onto Kimi and starts stroking her hair* ) 
1. What is your name
? I'm Kimi. 

2. Are you a boy or a girl?
I am a girl ^w^ 

3. How old are you?
Uh.... I don't know... *glances down at her fingers* I think this many? *holds up her hand*
(She's actually 15) 

4. What do you hate most in the world?
Uh... I guess I hate the watery thing garbage makes in the dumpster. 

5. WHO do you hate most in the world?
Just the meanies. 

6. What are your hobbies?

What? Oh! Uhm... I like cake! 

7. Interested in anyone yet?
Like who is my best buddy? Simple. I like Borsa! But there's also that elf lady who baked cake with me one time. ^^ 

8. Do you find anybody else sexy?
What does that mean?? 
(Kimi literally has no idea what a relationship is.)

9. What type of music do you like?

Just whatever happens to be on. I don't mind ^^ 

10. Do you have any siblings?
I.... maybe? I don't know. I like to dream that somewhere I have big brothers that'll protect me, and little sisters who have pretty hair. 

11. Do you consider yourself good looking??

Sure , I'm cute ^^ and you're cute too! 

12. Do you want babies?
Maybe one day i'd like to be a mommy! But i'm too young! 

13. Where are you from?
Oh. I live right by that bookstore over there! *points* 

15. What's your hometown?
I don't know... people seem to call it Starbucks when i hear them on the phone. 

16. Do you live with anybody?
Nope! But i might live with Borsa eventually! 

17. Do you have any friends? Maybe a BFF?
Of course! I have Borsa, Lia, Hunter, The elf lady.... Auntie something.. 

18. What's you favorite color?

19. What do you look for in someone? (As in a mate)

20. What's your type?
*looks at you, stumped* 

21. Have you had your first kiss yet?

A kiss? Like the band? They play sometimes on the radio! 

22. What are your fears?
Uhm.... I don't like thunder. 

35. Yay we are done, now go tag people!!
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: My inner thoughts on things we should be doing.
  • Reading: My alarm clock
  • Watching: Pinky and the Brain in French
  • Playing: I gotta go to school soon
  • Eating: Brownies
  • Drinking: Milk
This is just a slight vent journal, but i guess sort of a PSA? 

So anyway, this summer something really changed. I don't know if it was after Devin and I broke up, or if it was after I got my driver's permit, but somewhere, slowly and steadily I regained my self esteem, and got really defensive about it. 

I am not the same person I was back in February and March. I am much different now. I put ME first. I don't let others drag me down anymore. 

People have been talking to me lately about my past, or the past in general and it was really depressing and annoying. Recently I discovered something that happened in my family life, and I'm mostly concerned about my grades. I don't have very many friends, and I'm content with that. 

I seem to be more successful that way it seems. I enjoy the relationships I have with my teachers and my family. I have a few close friends and a few casual ones, and that seems to keep me happy. 

This isn't directed at anyone specifically, but just those who happen to know me, I'm just not the same girl. I changed. 
  • Mood: Grumpy
  • Listening to: My inner thoughts on things we should be doing.
  • Reading: My alarm clock
  • Watching: Pinky and the Brain in French
  • Playing: I gotta go to school soon
  • Eating: Brownies
  • Drinking: Milk
1. What sexuality are you in?

2. Are you in a relationship?

3. If yes, who is your partner?

4. If no, do you want to be in one?
It's something I think of. Sometimes i feel hopelessly romantic, and if I were to crush on someone i Had a chance with I might, but I don't, so technically no because i don't like anyone *shrugs* but I like being single too so it all works out.

5. What would you do if a person of the same gender wants to date you?
I would probably try to politely tell them off. It's nothing against them or who they are, it's just I am not interested in girls.

6. Do you believe in horoscopes?
To some degree, but not entirely.

7. What zodiac sign are you?

8. Are you in love?
Unless you count my chocolate addiction as love, no.

9. How many relationships did you have?

10. Which one did you like the most?

11. What are you looking for in your partner?
Someone who is happy, positive, nerdy, healthy, has some of the same interests as me and enjoys me for me and not for my body.

12. What should your partner know about you?
That I can be clingy at times. That I love goodmorning and goodnight texts. Romantic dates, and just that i'm one of those very hopelessly romantic kind of people.

13. For the physics; what would/do you like in your partner?
I like foreign boys. I like blue, green, and grey eyes. I like freckles but they don't have to be there. I like shorter hair. Idk i'm not too picky in the physics, I think guys can be attractive in any race. It just depends on who they are.

(Skipped Question)

(Another skipped question)

16. Who did you have a relationship with in the past?
Jasper, Dakota, Devin

17. Do you still have contact to them?
I have contact with Jasper and Devin. Dakota hates me now but *shrugs*

18. If yes, how does your partner feel, if you have one?

19. Are you flirting a lot?
Not currently. I can be flirty at times but I haven't been lately.

20. Which of your past and current partners is the most similar to you?
Probably Devin or Jasper. Like a mix of them.

21. Do others know that you have or had a relationship?

22. Have you had your first kiss yet?

23. Are you a virgin?

24. What do you like the most about your partner, if you have one?

25. Do other people know about your sexuality?

26. How was your first relationship?
It was awesome. He gave me chills down my spine when I saw him. We can talk about anything and everything and holy crap he's such an awesome guy.

27. Your first love?

28. Which gender were your past relationships?
All male

29. Do your parents/family members know about your love life?
Pretty much

30. Did someone reject you before?
I wouldn't think so. The worst that happened was I had a crush on someone who didn't like me back, but it was a little crush so i got over it.

31. Are you happy about your love life?
Content i guess

32. Did you reject anyone?

33. Do girls or boys like you more?
It seems like a mix, but seems like mostly males.

34. Does your love like you back, if you are in love?
I'm not in love.

35. What was your cheesiest relationship?
Probably Jasper.

36. Do you often show off with your relationships?
No, but sometimes i dream of it with any potential loves.

37. Do you remember all of your relationship's anniversaries?
Jasper was May 10th 2011
Devin was January 19th 2013
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Waidmanns Heil- Rammstein
  • Reading: Messages
  • Watching: Studying French
  • Playing: Reading French
  • Eating: Macaroni and Cheese
  • Drinking: Pomegranate Juice
RQ: PlasmaGirlDelilah by BangieCreatorGirl
RQ: PlasmaGirlDelilah
RQ slot for :iconplasmagirldelilah:


Explaination behind the hair: I started coloring her hair black, then i remembered "Oh, crap! She has blue hair!" So I thought it might add to the extra crazy look if it is seen that she hasn't redyed her hair yet. 
RQ: Cmdrawings by BangieCreatorGirl
RQ: Cmdrawings
A request from :iconcmdrawings:

I really hope she turned out alright, I just went by the little bit of information i had. 


BangieCreatorGirl's Profile Picture
Borsaline - Female - 16 - May 27th - Hetero- Single

Hello, my name is Borsaline (not my real name, but i don't offer that out online because it's creepy) and I have 16 years. My goals in life include travelling to Europe, becoming a Polyglot, and I hope to be a teacher or possibly a model!

I mostly draw people and nekomimi. I occasionally draw animals, furries, and pokemon as well. I am currently unsatisfied with my art, and I hope to do more detailed pieces in the future.

I am known for being kind, and honestly i'm probably a bit too kind sometimes. Some people think I hate them when in reality I don't. So please don't think i hate you because i'm not that kind of person

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